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A Place of Prayer and Adoration

“The Eucharistic Jesus is left so alone in His Tabernacles. Blest are those who will be able to be present in the ‘Spiri-Maria’ Chapel.  Just as blest will be those men and women who, from their residence, their place of work or during the night will place their souls before the Eucharistic Jesus, uniting themselves to the adorers present before Him. May an arrow of love be directed often at the monstrance, uplifting you in grace and helping you to accept your crosses, by associating them with those of Jesus, by telling Him how happy you are to be able to share their weight with Him!”

Mother Paul-Marie


In its modest simplicity, the chapel of the Lady of All Peoples is open and welcoming to all. The atmosphere of silence present there fosters recollection and an intimate dialogue with God.

Eucharistic Adoration

The chapel’s doors open at five o’clock in the morning and close at ten o’clock at night. Adorers replace one another day and night in a constant prayer before the divine Guest who is permanently present. The members of the Community assume the hours of adoration during the night.

Recitation of the Rosary

An atmosphere of prayer reigns within these blessed walls, and the rosary occupies a special place in this prayer. In fact, every day, lay persons and religious multiply the “Aves” there, in homage to their heavenly Mother. Besides that, every morning and evening, Sons and Daughters of Mary take turns reciting the rosary together before the statue of the Lady.

It should be noted that the recitation of the rosary is broadcast live or it can be accessed later since it is also recorded. Both possibilities are available through  the website Radio Love.

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